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If you feel like learning to fly, or if you're already a pilot, or even if you're juste interested in aeronautics, welcome to Raiatea Flying School blog.

Come and join us for a unique and unforgettable experience over the magnificent Polynesian lagoons.

Our Flight School is  located on Raiatea's airfield, a mile from the city centre.

* Flying school: 66 28 88
* Eric's cellular phone: 35 61 92
* Send us an email: aeroclub.islv@mail.pf
* Or just write a comment on the blog with your name & phone number.

Our aircraft is a Tecnam Sierra P2002 two-seater (maximum speed: 150 kts, cruise speed about 110 kts) which allows to safely fly above our magnificent lagoons and moutains.

If you plan to visit Raiatea (only 24 Nm from Bora Bora), don't forget to call us.

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